ParaFlow Energy Solutions (formerly Halbouty Energy, LLC) is focused on providing unique treatment chemistries for common flow assurance and hydrocarbon recovery challenges in the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry.  ParaFlow® HE-508MM, ParaFlow HE-1507A, and ParaFlow HE-6400 form the core of the company’s product offering in the area of paraffin and asphaltene treatment chemistries as well as emulsion breakers, solids and iron drop-out additives.

The ParaFlow line of products are designed to increase flow assurance of crude oil, reduce downtime due to wax deposition and help overcome challenges associated with the processing of crude oil emulsions. ParaFlow products are also designed to minimize rag layers during emulsion separations at heater treaters and desalters and are effective in the processing and recovery of refinery slop oil and truck and rail car crude oil tank heels.  ParaFlow products often demonstrate synergistic behavior when co-blended with paraffin inhibition chemistries currently used in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.

While ParaFlow Energy Solutions is not a service provider, we are able to collaborate with your preferred service provider or in many cases provide application recommendations to companies that maintain an internal service capability.

Since company inception and our acquisition of the unique intellectual property associated with the ParaFlow chemistries, the continuing evolution of the product line toward 2nd and 3rd generation product categories has been underway in the laboratories of affiliate DeForest Enterprises in Boca Raton, FL, the same location where DeForest has been developing specialty surfactant, hydrotrope, and corrosion inhibitor technology for over 20 years.

The ParaFlow products are produced in the class leading assets of affiliate Royal Chemical Company with US based manufacturing plants in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Ohio, having a collective production capacity exceeding 400 million pounds annually.