ParaFlow Energy Solutions LLC is one of four affiliated companies under the ownership of Macedonia, Ohio based Chemical Services Group, Inc.

ParaFlow Energy Solutions (formerly Halbouty Energy, LLC) was established in January, 2015 coinciding with the acquisition of proprietary intellectual property having applicability in upstream, midstream, and downstream crude oil processes.

Collectively, the companies of CSG bring considerable expertise in surfactants, oleochemicals, formulation, and contract blending and packaging with a significant manufacturing footprint across the United States.

Affiliates of ParaFlow Energy Solutions include the following companies:

Royal Chemical Company is a contract manufacturer, blender, and packager of industrial chemical specialties with expertise in liquid and powder blending. Royal Chemical owns and operates five (5) manufacturing plants across the United States with corporate headquarters in Macedonia, Ohio.

DeForest Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty surfactants, hydrotropes, water soluble corrosion inhibitors and multifunctional additives with a focus on high performance products and “green” innovation. DeForest’s corporate office is located in Boca Raton, FL with R&D, Technical Service & Application labs in Boca Raton, Florida & Macedonia, Ohio.

Innoleo, LLC. was founded in October 2011 with a focus on providing unique specialty chemicals primarily derived from renewable bio-based feedstocks.  Innoleo’s products include 12-hydroxy stearic acid, methyl 12-hydroxyl stearate, ricinoleic acid, sebacic acid, stearic acid, hydrogenated castor oil, and various grades of castor oil.