ParaFlow® Product Applications

  • Paraffin Treatment Chemistry:   Powerful paraffin crystal structure modification chemistry deployed in a non-conventional application.
  • Emulsion Breakers:  Aqueous based emulsion breaker chemistry well suited for traditional demulsification processes as well as for recovering hydrocarbons from crude oil tank bottoms and slop oil. Lowers the B.S.& W. of crude oil.   Does not contain hydrocarbon solvents.
  • Solids & Iron Drop Out Products:   Multifunctional additives designed to assist in the reduction of soluble and non-soluble iron compounds in petroleum crude oil including iron pyrite and pyritic iron sulfide compounds.  Applications in crude oil production, transport, storage, and processing in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations.
  • Viscosity Reduction Chemistry:  An aqueous composition formulated without hydrocarbon solvents.  Designed to inhibit the tendency for asphaltenic compounds to attract one another and therefore has the potential to improve flow characteristics and reduce viscosity of low API asphaltenic crudes.
  • Slop Oil/Tank Sludge Treatment:  Chemistries that when used in conjunction with various hydrocarbon diluents assist in the separation of valuable hydrocarbons from sediment and water contained in crude oil sludge that settles to the bottom of crude oil storage tanks and in slop oil accumulated from refinery operations.